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Updated: Mar 3

I fear not that I will dream high and fail, but that I will dream small and succeed.

1. Life is long: Life is too long, and hence, you must take care of your health; both physical and mental, and your spiritual health.

2. Financial Freedom is the true freedom: A long life invariably requires financial wellbeing. I am not saying you to become rich; I am saying to become financially free. What is financial freedom? It is when you no longer have to actively work for a paycheck, but your assets make enough money to cover your monthly expenses.

3. Understand the true meaning of Compound Interest and Inflation: “Compound Interest is the 8th wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays for it,” said Albert Einstein. If one of the smartest men has bestowed such high regards to compound interest, than we must try to understand what it is, and most importantly, how, it affects our lives.

Unless the poor people learn the true & hidden meaning of inflation, they will never become rich, or financially free. Inflation is not price rise, but loss of value of money. Inflation is a hidden tax that governments can levy without any legislation.

Rich earns compound interest & protects them from inflation; poor pays compound interest & then lose the rest to inflation.

4. Read books: There is no alternate to reading. Reading books help you to acquire knowledge – which over the years evolves into wisdom – in a few weeks, which takes years for the author to compile in the pages of her books.

5. Find your purpose: Finding your true purpose in life will help you to lead a motivating life. Your purpose will inspire you to get out of the bed every time when others are lazing around. So move that ass, but find your purpose.

6. Fear of failure: A real failure is not trying out. Period. Dream high, so high that you become uncomfortable telling your dreams to your peer. I fear not that I will dream high and fail, but that I will dream small and succeed.

7. Ponder about the Mysteries: We are surrounded by mysteries, which during our childhood had always intrigued us. The best mystery can be seen in the night sky, where a disk of stars makes an arc across the sky. Do you know what that it? Or why does that exist?

8. Make memories: Memories will help you to get through your old age. Even the stupid experiences will feel fulfilling at the old age. So don’t forget to make memories.

9. Remain a child at heart: Never let the inner child to die due to the expectations of the world around you. That child is special.

10. There’s no shame is seeking luxuries: Our society frowns upon those who flaunts the excessives of life, like a sports car, designer clothes, etc. Well, strive to acquire these luxuries, not to show off, but to enjoy the comfort of luxury. Remember; always dress the way you want to be addressed. Life is too long; so you need to take care how people address you!

Make memories, because life is too beautiful to waste not living!

(This is what I have distilled about life in my 35 years of existence and 10 years of being blissfully alive!)

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