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Fresh out of pan: penned this poem today!

The soul forgets to pause

As the heart pushes on and on,

Into an unknown world

Of wonder and wilderness.


I look for what is done and dusted

And what is lost on the road.

The road that meanders through

The woods – dark and deep –

Like the monsoon nights,

Melancholic like the autumn,

Mysterious than a seductive woman

And wise like the rivers of eternity.

This journey through the light and darkness

Defeating the solitude of silence,

Throwing my anchor around

To hold on to a harbor;

As I’ve reached

The shore of enlightenment –

That, what I seek outside

Resides in me,

For the world I see,

Is a manifestation of me.

So here at the edge of the Milky Way,

As I set sail towards Andromeda,

Ready to get lost again

In the fractals of the Cosmos;

Tired and energized at the same space-time,

The moment has dawn

For me to sleep,

So that I create a new Universe

When I rise again.

(Penned at 12:20 am; 28 September, 2022)

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