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Being Just You

Updated: Dec 12, 2020 the pursuit of justifying different roles in the society as a son, a boss, a leader, a man, a father, we forget the real underlying person that we are.

When you have nothing to hide from your life partner, you experience total freedom; because, by this time you have been naked, stark naked before her. Because, you have removed all the different masks you use to wear in public, before your friends and family. You have bared not just your body but your mind and soul, too. And this sensation of being you, just you, in front of the person you love and trust is so ecstatic!

Personality in essence is a mask. The word personality has come from the Greek word ‘prósōpon’ which means theatrical mask an actor used to wear in ancient Greek theaters. We all wear different masks in different walks of life, in different timeline; like an obedient son, a strong boss, a remarkable leader, a tough guy, a caring father, etc. And in the pursuit of justifying different roles in the society as a son, a boss, a leader, a man, a father, we forget the real underlying person that we are. We forget the sole objective of life, which is not to do role-play but to chase the dreams that are a person’s true calling. In the mad rush of rushing through various roles – we believe – we have to play (which is not required actually) we forget the dreams that have wilted under the burden of unwarranted expectations of the society. When we arrive at such a situation we tend to forget that what is not tended is condemned to die a premature death. And most often than not, it is our dreams that become the martyrs.

However, in the maze of randomness of life, salvation can be found in the oasis of love. Among all the human emotions, love is different, solely because love has always been an irrational and illogical part of the gray matter of our right brain. Love is the only emotion which can be truly said as loyal to its master. Other emotions like fear, greed, hatred, lust, envy, etc. most often than not harms the very person who harbors them.

Conversely, the feelings of love always act for the benefit of its master. But it needs courage to listen to the wisdom of love because love is precarious, not because it is confused, but because our left brain centric logic always come in the way of everything to crash the steering of smooth sailing ship captained by love, across the vast unknown oceans of the cosmos.

I, however, was brave enough to ward off the unholy intervention of the left brain centric logic when I fell in love. Love hurts; accepted, but love has also elevated me to the next level of my evolution. Love just saved me from my death – the death of my many dreams. It has kept the flame of my never-say-die attitude alive. It has always given me a fresh spell of rain whenever my dreamland was threatened by drought. And it has given me the most beautiful of all the courage that only a brave man can know the courage to be JUST YOU.

I have achieved my moment of being just me. What is your story?

Excerpts from an unfinished book,Along The Way’.

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