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Updated: Jan 25, 2022

A Korendian alien came to Earth, about 20 earth years ago. He was sent to Earth as part of a mission to study us after the Korendians discovered our star Sol and planet Earth. His specific mission was to study humanity. The only advantage he had was that he looked like us Earthlings. He was over 5 feet tall; white skinned and could be missed by anyone as a human being. He could talk in English, and had brought enough gold to last his two decades of research. In our vocabulary, he was an alien anthropologist, who had come from the planet Korendor, of the star system of Korena, located near the Bootes Void.

With the gold he had, he travelled the world but the more he learned about mankind, the sadder he became. Finally, he sent a radio communication, whose transcript I came upon. I knew him. We had met many a times, but I never suspected him to be an alien. He looked so human. After I got hold of this transmission transcript (don’t ask me how) I decided that the world has the right to know about the existence of this alien research on human societies. Hence, I am sharing it. This is the text.


The Chief of Staff,

Intergalactic Expedition Task Force,


Subject: Appeal for Extraction from planet Earth, star Sol.

Dear Chief,

As part of the crucial Intergalactic Expedition mission, you would be glad to know that I have completed my mission on Earth successfully. For a duration of 6 years, which is equivalent to 20 earth years (as the gravitational pull of Earth is about 30% than what it is on Korendor, hence time flows faster here), I have travelled to all the major nations of the world and learned their cultures and traditions. I think, my studies on the various nations of human beings will help us to understand them and might prove crucial for our future negotiations with the leaders of the Earth.

If I come to the major points, I have pretty dismal pictures to portray. The Earthlings are pretty greedy people. They don’t bother to think beyond themselves. They are happy within the safety of the four walls of their homes. Unlike us, they don’t desire to go beyond their comfort zones and explore the skies. And for those who try to do something meaningful and magnificent, the average Earthlings make fun of them and try to put hindrance in their path. That’s pretty nasty and retrograde. Hence, I doubt if ever this race of Galactic Humanoid Family based on Earth is ever going beyond the limit of their star system.

They live in a bubbled fantasy world, where they mindlessly destroy their environment and think that nature would restore the erstwhile balance. I can foresee a future, where these Earthlings would have neither good air to breathe nor safe water to drink. All they do is hold climate summits and assume that other nations would act, while they keep on exploiting the environment. That’s pretty insane.

They are a funny breed of Humanoids who has kept themselves confused with the cumbersome laws and rules erected by themselves. This has ended up making them lost and exploited.

There are a few more amusing points yet to tell.

There is a massive economic disparity among the rich and the poor. The economic and education systems have been rigged by the people in power, who unsurprisingly are the richest, so that these systems produce people who don’t know the difference between price and value or how their world works or who controls them. And hence, despite their excellent and long lists of academic qualifications, they end up working for the rich, which in our Korendor would be equivalent to slavery!

The Earthlings have invented two of the most potent weapons for dividing people. One is called religion and another is language. Over the name of religion, people are willing to kill each other. This is preposterous for us Korendians to even think of! But, here, on Earth, this is almost a way of life. Multiple language inventions have done more harm to divide the societies than what religion even couldn’t do. When a few people invent a new language, they form a clan, and over the years and ages, the clan becomes a tribe; and even if they belonged to the same religion, there is inter-tribe enmity, which in the first place came into existence with the invention of a new language.

And finally, the reason for all the misery plaguing Earth is because a large number of Earthlings are excellent liars but pathetic in catching lies.

In the light of these above mentioned points, I, therefore request your permission to return to Korendor—the best spot in the cosmos. Korendor is best, because I have seen the worst here on Earth, and it took me 6 years, and traversing a massive interstellar distance to understand that. I seek permission, Chief, for my return from Earth, where the interpretation of truth is more important than the truth itself! I want freedom from hypocrisy.

Seeking immediate extraction.

Kor Ranhsk,

Earth, star Sol.

(A fiction story)

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