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IS ADAPTATION ALWAYS GOOD? is against nature to stop evolving and existing simultaneously.

Adaptive abilities have helped us to evolve into Homo sapiens – the wise man. Adaptations have made us the supreme commander of this blue planet. It has given us everything.

But one day, this same adaptation would be a reason for the extinction of the human race from this planet! We have adapted to such an extent that we are too comfortable in the inertness of the old ways. We want to see the change, but we hate to change.

Circumstances always change because our life supporting sphere called the biosphere is dynamic; while we are not. Real adaptation is not adjusting to the old ways; real adaptation is to modify the environment, the society and the rules according to the needs of the changing times, keeping in mind the future implications.

Unfortunately, our societies are trapped in a row boat mentality, where we are moving ahead but looking backward. It is like driving forward by looking at the rear-view mirror. What the time needs is not to adapt to the situation but to change the situation, because if we don’t do that, we will not evolve. And it is against nature to stop evolving and existing simultaneously.

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