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The Inner way to Re-Engineer

Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy by Sadhguru

If I have to summarize this book in the simplest of words, I would say that reading this book will enhance your perception of the world. You’d begin to see and understand it with a fresh perspective.

Well, I didn’t summarize the book in simple words, did I?


Although, the essence of this book has already been discussed by Sadhguru himself in various videos available on, but if you agree with his philosophies, then this book is an essential read, because he has summed up his entire philosophies in this one book. No doubt, I have read other books by Sadhguru, but Inner Engineering is of a different league. And this is not the reason, why I liked the book.


Sadhguru, while most often tend to keep discussions on religion off of his videos, is more open here when dissecting the shortcomings of the various religions.


I like it when the writer is bold enough to write about stuff that are true but might be little uncomfortable for the masses to digest.


This book is a good antidote for the cluttered mind. Read it and feel the difference.

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