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The Putin Interviews

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

The Putin Interviews by Oliver Stone

Vladimir Putin needs no introduction. He is the President of Russia and is currently, the most powerful (and enigmatic) Head of State. While the Western media is full with one sided stories of him being demonic, it is a welcome relief to see a western writer trying to demystify who Putin really is. While debates will not end on who Putin really is – a dictator ruling with iron fist and inciting the west, or a nationalist, for whom his country’s security and progress only matter.

The book is about a series of in-depth interviews with Putin by the American writer Oliver Stone that included anything from his personal life to Edward Sowden to confrontations with the West; military intervention in Georgia, Ukraine and Syria to the Donald Trump election hack scandal.

The book gives a rare insight into the persona of Putin. His strong minded attitude is the most obvious take away while reading the book. At times, the conversation between Mr Stone and Putin become surreal, like their conversation after they watched the apocalyptic movie, ‘Dr Strangelove’ together.

© Oliver Stone

Overall, the book has been successful in removing some veil off the enigma that Mr Putin has become for the rest of the world. You can click here to buy the book.

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