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The Road to Great Wealth

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

What is MONEY? & The Secrets to Great Wealth by Bhaskar Saikia

The quest to learn about money is obvious: we all want to get rich and stay rich. But more than a vague sense of getting rich, I became fixated about the art of making money. This book is a product of that obsession, which tells you what money really is?

With over 10 years of stock investing,I have put in all my experiences of money into this small book that simply tells the readers about two things: What is Money? And the Secrets to Great Wealth.

Reading this book will help you to find the real meaning of money & currency, the real assets to invest, how inflation keeps you poor and most importantly, the road to Great Wealth!

If you want to grab your financial freedom and to never worry about money anymore, read this book. And unlock the inborn potentials hidden within you with the free time you’d have in your life once you free yourself from the rat race of trading your time for money!

The book is available as a PDF on Gumroad helps creators and artists earn a living doing what they love.

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