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Why I become a Sci-Fi Writer?

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

I love writing poetry and fiction where I can liberally express my emotions. This essentially means, I write romantic poetry and love fictions. And guess what, no body reads them; at least, I am not selling well. Yet, it does not matter much to me either, because for me, expressing my emotions in the form of words and sentences gives me high. Its very orgasmic!!

However, over the years, I have been haunted by a paradox called the Fermi’s Paradox, where Enrico Fermi is credited to have asked a simple question, “Where are they?"

Where are the aliens?

In this vast, seemingly endless cosmos, we are yet to get a confirmation of the existence of other advanced alien life forms. Forget that, we are yet to find any alien life form. However, as I began to dig deeper into this subject, and the alleged alien visitations documented across civilizations over the course of the entire human history, the thought of the existence of far advanced civilizations across our galaxy got hold of my thoughts. The more I dig, the more fascinated this idea of galactic civilizations grew stronger.

This reached such a height of vivid imagination that I decided to pen this thought. Initially, I poured the imagination on a single page, and then a few more pages until it ended up becoming a full-fledged book. And guess what, it will soon become a trilogy, with the second part almost completed.

When the book hit Amazon Kindle in 2018, I got a lot of replies from the readers and that encouraged me as a writer. My readers said that they could connect to the idea of the existence of many advanced galactic civilizations while we, on earth, are oblivious to their existence, and the tussles these alien civilizations are into to control galactic resources and dominance. But more than that, the readers enjoyed the cosmic journey; the central story that takes them from earth to the advanced alien worlds.

If you want to read my Sci-Fi book, 'The Galactic Conspiracy: Truths, Lies & the Pleiades', click on this link. The second part is soon going to be out!

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